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We believe that we will become the manufacturer most people turn to worldwide for LED display if people are given a chance to see our beautiful products. Here are just a few reasons businesses continue to choose us.


  1. Flexible Design

    Our flexible, lightweight design that come with the best value at the most attractive prices,  our design significantly shortens installation and alignment time, and dramatically reduces weight. 

  2. Unprecedented Image Quality

    Our LED display offering the best image quality available on the market in combination with a extremely high contrast ratio. With a light output of over 10,000 nits and native 16-bit color processing, our display is sure to deliver the pinnacle of image quality in any settings. 

  3. Cost-Reducing Control System

    Our unique design eliminates the need for expensive matrix scaler or video processor which is required for conventional big LED screens. Built on innovating data transmitting and processing technology, our control system can manage resolution over 8,000 x 4,000 pixels,  and still be cheap and simple, which significantly cuts the cost for our customers

  4. Constant Performance

    As outdoor LED displays are exposed to the most severe weather conditions, it’s important that their image quality
    stays constant over time. At Sannic we believe that only real testing on the impact of water and dust, varying temperatures and vibrations can guarantee the long time stability and performance of our LED displays

  5. 24/7 Hotline

     Troubleshooting over the phone; control software training, you name it, we use all means to take care of your problems.